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SHELLEY EVA HADEN  has over 10 years teaching experience working with a range of participants: from professional dancers, to pre vocational students.


Birmingham Royal Ballet, CAT (Centre For Advance Training: Dance4, The Place, DanceXchange, NSDC), Birmingham Dance Network, Brighton Dance Network, City Contemporary Dance Company - Hong Kong (Professional Class), Rosie Kay Dance Company, 2faced Dance Company, Corey Baker Dance, Rhiannon Faith Company, DanceFest, Pineapple Studios and many more.

Shelley also has extensive experience working with University's, Schools and many other private and public Institutes.

Shelley leads career sessions, 

educational talks and private coaching/mentoring. 

For further information please email: 


Shelley’s classes focus on full, embodied movement exploring challenges in strength, agility and cardio vascular. move through contemporary technique coated Shelley's stylistic quality. expect a vibrant, MOTIVATING AND ENERGETIC CLASS.

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 Brighton Dance Network [26.04.2018]
"Shelley is an inspiring teacher, her facilitative style gives you the freedom to challenge yourself, your perceptions, and your movement: she allows you to be yourself. She is completely authentic, and a wonderful mover. Just lovely."
- Lisa Sang 
Birmingham Dance Network [21.01.2018]
"I’ve been taught by Shelley a few times now and every time I leave on a massive high without fail ! Aside from the amazing technical aspects of class, Shelley has such a positive vibe that you cant help but genuinely have fun all the way through class! Hopefully will be able to take another next time i’m back in Birmingham."
- Jessica Jones. 
Flexus Dance Company  [21.03.2017]
"I loved taking part in the work shop with Shelley. It really pushed me physically and was body demanding which I enjoyed. I loved how energetic, fun and different the workshop and tasks were to ones I have done before. I found Shelley an amazing workshop leader with so much enthusiasm and drive and passion for what's she dose. I fully enjoyed this workshop and would definitely take part in another."
Flexus Dance Company [21.03.2017]
"A fantastic night, full of raw passion and energy. I had so much fun that I forgot how physically demanding it was for us, Shelley had led us through a range of different
tasks exploring through her work."


Pineapple [02.02.2017]

"I Just wanted to email and say how fantastic Shelley was on Saturday! She made everyone feel comfortable with the dancing and got everyone involved.

Pavilion Dance South West - COEOVO COMPANY     [25.10.2016]
"Shelley had a wonderful energy and created a positive space for COEVO dancers to learn the processes behind the works, whilst encouraging them to push their limits and generally just go for it. What a wonderful way to be fed as dancers and learn more about the work being presented on the very stage we were having class on! Thank you!"
RDC Youth Company    [01.03.2016]
"Shelley was an amazing teacher, she got us nice and warm doing a variety of warm-ups and then straight into rehearsal."
Pineapple   [17.10.2015]
"Shelley was full of fun, an inspiration. We had so so much fun and I havent stopped talking about it!"


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