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Shelley Eva Haden is currently a nominee for The National Dance Awards as “Most outstanding female performer of 2017” voted by the Critics Circle.

Shelley trained at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating with a First Class BA (Hons) Degree in Contemporary Dance Performance, achieving outstanding results and becoming the first to achieve 100% on the Final Years Solo Choreography Assessment. Shelley’s choreography ‘Silver Shelter’ has been part of the school repertoire for students to study and perform as part of their ‘Performance Practice Module’.

Shelley has performed with the likes of Sam Amos (Trash Dolly’s Dance Theatre), Gary Clarke (Gary Clarke Company), Tamsin Fitzgerald (2Faced Dance), Rosie Kay (Rosie Kay Dance Company), Rachel Lopez (Dog Kennel Hill Project), Graham Vick (Birmingham Opera Company) and most recently, Corey Baker, Jamaal Burkmar (Extended Play) and Rhiannon Faith. 

Shelley continues to explore and create her own work and was recently awarded with a developing practice grant courteously of Dance Hub Birmingham. This followed from the success of her Arts Council England Research and Development 'PINK'

Furthermore, Shelley is a qualified Deep Tissue Sports Massage Therapist and graduate from The Sports Massage Academy (2017).

performance reviews.

The Guardian, Luke Jennings  [23.04.2017]    ★★★★ 
"Shelley Eva Haden is the central figure, at once immortal fantasy heroine and cult priestess."
MK ULTRA - Rosie Kay Dance Company 
Financial TimesLouise Levene  [23.04.2017]  ★★★★
"Her dancers, led by the mesmerising Shelley Eva Haden,
twerk and waack and stomp and shake like go-go dancers in meltdown,
slaves to the bullying rhythms"
MK ULTRA - Rosie Kay Dance Company 
DanceTabs, Graham Watts   [20.04.2017]  ★★★ 
"none more so than the central figure of Shelley Eva Haden; her blonde ponytail and precocious sensuality seeming to mimic many routines and poses from Spears’ earlier pop videos (oh, yes, I’m an expert!)."
MK ULTRA - Rosie Kay Dance Company 
Emma Cann [18.03.2017]   ★★★★
"(the astonishing Shelley Eva Haden)"
MK ULTRA - Rosie Kay Dance Company 
DanceTabs, Bruce Marriot  [17.03.2017]   
"Led out by the charismatic and powerful
Shelley Eva Haden the pop numbers slickly shimmer"

MK ULTRA - Rosie Kay Dance Company 
The Herald, Mary Brennan [30.04.2016]  ★★★★★
“– until they spot the real fire-cracker: Shelley Eva Haden”
 5SOLDIERS - Rosie Kay Dance Company 
The Spectator, Ismene Brown  [09.05.2015]
 "gorgeous blonde amazon (mesmerising Shelley Eva Haden)"
5SOLDIERS - Rosie Kay Dance Company
Norwich Arts, Steven Doran  [02.06.2015]
"Shelley Eva Haden stood at ease on a dark but warmly lit stage.Her solo was a statement of intent. She marked out a system of movement, comprised of balletic lunges with carefully placed arms invoking the mime used in Kathak dance."
Triple Bill Tour - Balbir Singh Dance Company
Sam Amos / Trash Dolly's Dance Theatre  
Jamaal Burkmar / Extended Play
Gary Clarke / Gary Clarke Company
Rhiannon Faith / Rhiannon Faith Theatre 
Tamsin Fitzgerald / 2Faced Dance Company 
Keisha Grant / Keneish Dance 
Rosie Kay / Rosie Kay Dance Company 
Rachel Lopez / Dog Kennel Hill Project 
Balbir Singh /  Balbir Singh Dance Company
Zoobin Surty / Karma Dance 
Graham Vick / Birmingham Opera Company 
Marko Waschke / IPEX Print in Performance 

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